_processo poetico/net poetry instant narration

f.a., processo poetico, 2012-10-05
for “El Vuelo”, mail art/visual and digital poetry exhibition @ Pedernera (Argentina), december 2013

Today, digital photoprint is in malls with photo booths. Narrations is flash, snapshots for digitalphotoprint, fast and instant narrations which are fragments of a frenetic reality. Snapshots photoprint for digital fictions, images, poetries. «Stories born and die like fragments of fast changing world» (Cristiano Caggiula). The narration of our lives is immediate and low-cost as contemporary dimension of the words_ and is high press run_ and free-high circulation. Snapshots for digital photoprints to be printed in mall of confidence. Instant narrations are distributed through social stratification, borrowed from flyer of the group of research and artistic protest “Contrabbando Poetico”.

Francesco Aprile
Lecce (Italy)



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