tip of the knife, issue 16, june 2014

Francesco Aprile, 3 Asemic writings @ tip of the knife, issue 16, june 2014


” Aprile’s work comes alive, exploring the unword (or unworld); it may not communicate in a traditional manner but it does use a random motion, a random meaning, a random growth to twist communication from beyond, to reach some beautific height. Looking at the pieces themselves, we see a high contrast world that secrets a black and thorny path through the woods where glyphs whisper to midnight nymphs that play hide and seek where the pixies dance. One aspect of Aprile’s work is the masterful use of white spaces. In photo 2 there are small gates (on the Monongahela River there are depth control buildings called locks). These locks hugging the river’s edge are accelerators, hungry for space and force. You know what they say, white is the new black.”

francesco aprile - iato 1




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