This is visual poetry, Lancaster, chapbookpublisher 2014

It’s a way made of poetic, visual and electronics tales, snapshots for digital photoprint, fast and instant narrations which are fragments of a frenetic reality. Social stratification of work. Literary cards and interactions between text and body / McLuhan-Lacan: extension, narcosis, manque à être for social ambivalences destructuring. Semantic disarticulations and language regression. Crush the minimum signifier. Sprain of the way. Swimming in a sea of broken signs, always to be unstably balanced on the compose of the signify. Language as a sedimentation of anthropos.Language as the uncanny. Das Unheimliche as language. Slurry poems. Today communication is interrupted. Social relationships are denied by action of transmedial-mass-communication. Words are residue of communication. Language as slurry-words: residue of language.






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