Asemic Writing, a conference. Minsk – 15-08-2015

15-08-2015 Minsk, time 19:00

At Saturday evening, August 15, we propose you to dive into the depths of asemic writing.
It will be the lection about this type of contemporary art, ending with performance by Tae Ateh/ Karen Karnak (Minsk) and art-band DVA (St.-Petersburg).
The culmination of the evening will be skype-conference with:
Tim Gaze – asemic artist, one of founders and the first theorist of asemic writing
Michael Jacobson – one of the first popularizers of asemic writing, asemic artist
Marco Giovenale – asemic artist, publisher, one of the theorists of asemic writing
Sam Roxas-Chua – asemic artist
Francesco Aprile-Cristiano Caggiula – asemic artist, publisher, theorist
Evgeny Kharitonov – poet, visual & sound artist, curator




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